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Dance allows me to process the everyday and the hard to understand. Through dance I have conquered fears and discovered who I believe I was always destined to be. 

Heels have helped me to tap into the beauty that I did not know I possessed in the world where I have never resembled the face of beauty. 

Having started my dance journey later than the typical dancer, I too have felt like I could never measure up to the dance figures that I look up to. 

"Dance is my escape, my release, my healing, my growth, and my voice in the times I cannot speak" 

My passion, hard work and dedication to perfecting my craft has brought me to places that my talent would not even allow me a seat at the table. To dance is to be disciplined; it is to show up for yourself and others; it is to accept yourself at your current state and build from that very point and finding new goals to reach once you have completed what you once set for yourself.

"With my gift I aim to inspire"

It is important to understand that I am still on my personal journey as a dancer, but I intend to leave a rich dance legacy to those who aspire to follow in my footsteps. For the dancers who started a little later than the average but continue to be beckoned by the creative expression of dance. To those who feel that they do not fit a certain body image but cannot resist the urge to dance. For the dancers that view other dancers as apprentices and comrades rather than competition.

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