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positive and judgement-free zonE 



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Play-Skhul Dance Company strives to uplift those passionate about dance and create a positive and judgement-free zone where all levels can flourish.


Dance is a universal language that transcends race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, body type, age, and ability. Dance is a healer and a way to express and rebel against all the forces that divide us.


Play- Skhul intends to connect individuals through a shared passion of the artform. At times, the mainstream dance aesthetic can seem uninviting to dancers at the beginning of their dance journey, Play-Skhul wants to bring back the fun and expressive nature of the artform. 

At Play-Skhul, we concentrate on the personal goals of the student. Whether you want to dance back up for Beyoncé or kill it on the dance floor at your next family reunion, no goal is to big or too small.  


With every class you commit to, we aim for you to be one step closer to your dance target. Come and learn to dance in a range styles including jazz funk, commercial, contemporary and heels.

All in all, Play- Shul Dance Company is a place to recharge and remind yourself of the strength, confidence, elegance and sheer brilliance  that you possess, things that can sometimes slip your mind with the daily hustle and bustle of life. At Play-Skhul Dance company our mission to create and maintain a safe space for all, as well as a network of people that share the same passion.

Skhul's in session!


The way a person walks reveals a lot about who they are.


At Play-Skhul we love the sensual edge and seductive energy that heels give us. Our strides become longer, purposeful, and more deliberate - Heels allow us to hold our heads higher and exude the confidence that will radiate any room in which we enter, this could be the dance studio; your local supermarket for your weekly shop or the workplace. 

From walking, to the beautiful expression of dance, heels have the power to transform the quality of our movement and allow the dancer to channel different energy frequencies, be that sassy, sensual or Play-Skhul’s personal favourite: dramatic and over the top.

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